We dry clean on the premises using PERC, most days so can normally offer a next day service.

We inspect for marks and stains and use a range of traditional and modern methods for stain removal. Our aim is for your items to look like new, but it is always helpful if you point out any stains.

Our standard is to hand press and hand finish your possessions.

We have experience in cleaning uniforms for the Police, Air Force, Army and Navy. Our experience also includes religious garments such as cassocks and christening, communion and confirmation outfits.  We even clean Father Christmas’ suit once a year!

We also clean regular items such as coats, jackets, suits, trousers, dresses, skirts, silk blouses and even the occasional kilt.

Cleaning a pair of trousers costs £7.50, coats cost from £9.50 and two-piece suits cost £14. Call or visit us for further prices.